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Woodstead is the name of our home in the woods, in the hills south of Naples, New York.  My husband, Steve, established this paradise and hosted twelve years of annual Pig Roast, way before I came along.  This sauce was developed to compliment the roasted pig they served very casually, buffet style.  As guests filed along the table to fill their plates this sauce was not only lavished on the pork but was also poured on baked beans, used as a dip for chips and tortillas, hence proving that this sauce has many uses.  This now famous annual Pig Roast, having started with just a few family members and friends, an evening for preparation and a one day party, became 2 days of preparation and one day of party, and another 2 days for clean-up.  Having a huge wine barrel hot tub attached to the deck probably didn't help.  Needless to say, sadly the party had to end.  A couple of years later when I met my husband, he told me about these parties and made a batch of the sauce for me and I begged him to have another Pig Roast.  He said, "NO!". Huh, imagine that.  So I said, "If you won't have another Pig Roast, let's just make the sauce".  He agreed.  Enjoy!


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